harry and nikki

Nikki, leo and jack

nikki, leo and jack

originally appearing in the episode nowhere fast in series 8, nikki was originally assigned to the lyell centre to defuse the tension between harry and leo after sam's departure. however, nikki soon became a permanent fixture within the team and although she features more prominently in the series, holds a lower rank in pathology than leo. despite her native home being south africa, nikki regards the united kingdom as her second home, as the reason for her departure from the country lies solely in the hands of her father, victor, as explained in the episode double dare. nikki often flirted with fellow colleague harry and even invited him to stay at her house after his flat blew up in an explosion. as well as this, she developed a close relationship with leo and looked to him as a father figure. she is played by british actress emilia fox.

nikki's father victor

Nikki and leo

nikki and leo in nowhere fast

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